Developing Leadership Skills

The Middle grades are a time to develop leadership skills and explore interests.  Successful programs for young adolescents achieve academic success through integrated programs which ar highly dependent upon students’ other developmental needs being met.  The Leader in Me and SOAR programs help Owl Creek meet many of these needs for students:

  1. Understanding of Self:  Pre-teens need opportunities where they can comfortably be themselves.  Students meet for 20 minutes each day with a small group of peers and an Advisory teacher.  Advisory ensures that ther is an adult advocate at school for each child.
  2. Communicating:  Young adolescents need practice in communicating and expressing ideas in a variety of ways.  Each classroom is equipped with Computeers on Wheels (a cart of laptops for students to use), IPads, presentation equipment, and hands-on learning resources.
  3. Getting along with others:  Weekly pod meetings provide opportunities for students to participate in activities that promote critical thinking skills, provide tteam building opportunities and foster cooperative learning.
  4. Learning: Owl Creek offers a state of the art facility with resources to support technology-based resources to support technology-based instruction, individual classroom libraries,, SuccessMaker educational lab e for enrichment,& intervention, science labs, and curriculum that is relevant, challenging, integrative, & exploratory.
  5. Making Decisions: Pre-teens need opportunities to make authentic decisions that directly impact their lives.  Students participate in clubs to explore their interests: disc golf, Honors Choir, video yearbook, flag football, soccer, magic, Garageband, book clubs, and First Tee golf.
  6. Managing: Learning to manage difficult decisions, situation and people are all essential life-skills.  Our school-wide efforts foster health, wellness, safely, and a supportive environment to help student manage the daily events in their lives and set goals for the future.