Evaluation & Identification

All students served by special education services have been evaluated and identified as individuals with disabilities. 

When there is a need for intensive additional interventions, a student may be referred for special education services. A referral goes to a referral committee, which includes the parent(s), to determine if evaluation is warranted or premature. Brainstorming ideas for student intervention may take place at this conference which will conclude with an evaluation decision. In order to receive special education services, a student must be found to be an individual with a disability, and then an Individualized Education Plan is written and implemented. For more information on the different disabling categories, please visit the Arkansas Department of Education Website. Scroll to the bottom of this link to find the categories list.

Transfer students are reviewed on a case by case basis to try to continue their previous educational settings as determined by other agencies diagnoses. That information is reviewed on an individual basis to determine appropriate programming.

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