Password Reset Help

For help with password information, during regular business hours, please contact our Help Desk at (479) 444-3026.

We currently have two options for resetting district user passwords.

Option 1 - Domain Password Reset via Outlook Web App

The FPS Technology Department offers an online option, by way of the Outlook Web App, to change your domain password. If you are wanting to manually change your password online or if your password has expired, this can be done by accessing your webmail, at This feature requires your district log-in name and password, and will prompt you for a new password if you have let your current password expire. If you simply want to just change your non-expired password, then you will log-in to OWA, click on Options (on the right side of the screen) and then click on Change Your Password.

Option 2 - Contact our Help Desk line at (479) 444-3026

Note: All FPS Password Rules apply, and please contact our Help Desk with any questions.